David Murphy



To continue my career as a technologist, with an emphasis on consulting and advising clients to help them achieve the best possible solutions to their business objectives. Through expert use of a diverse range of platforms, I hope to continuously expand my personal knowledge base so that I always remain the "go to" consultant for immediate and correct technical advice.


  1. Steering workshop discussions to help clients fully realise their requirements
  2. Challenging requirements, assumptions and constraints to fully reveal the possibilities of marketing solutions
  3. Helping clients evolve their marketing strategies to the next level
  4. Working alongside clients and getting deep into their business
  5. Conception of creative approaches to complex problems
  6. Creation of both high-level and low-level technical solution documents
  7. Explaining complex technical solutions in as plain english as possible
  8. Custom training and enablement that pertains to the clients solution with the platform; rather than just the platform
  9. Comfort around high-level stakeholders
  10. Breaking technical solutions into discrete work-packages for team development
  11. Effective delegation of tasks for junior team members and offshore developers
  12. Coaching and advice for all team-members
  13. Persistence and perseverence in the face of technical hurdles
  14. Intuitive understanding of data and collecting insights from raw reporting


  1. SME on the following Salesforce Marketing Cloud Applications:
  2. Knowledge and experience in most other Salesforce Marketing Cloud Applications and Integrations
  3. Expert knowledge and experience in SFMC Ampscript
  4. Expert knowledge and experience in SFMC Server-Side Javascript
  5. Expert knowledge of SFMC SOAP and RESTful APIs
  6. Expert knowledge with Javascript and JQuery
  7. Expert knowledge and experience with XML and XSLT
  8. Unbelievably articulate English, both spoken and written
  9. Intermediate knowledge and experience with T-SQL
  10. Knowledge and experience in PLSQL and Netezza SQL query languages
  11. Intermediate professional and hobbyist experience with CSS3, HTML5
  12. Experience with Salesforce Sales Cloud
  13. Past experience with PHP; building Wordpress templates and customizing PHPBB
  14. Knowledge of mobile-responsive website and email development
  15. Extremely comfortable in Microsoft Office, Google Docs or OpenOffice
  16. Knowledge and experience with UML diagrams and Crow's Foot Notation
  17. Past experience with Unica and Simplicity CRM and Email Deployment applications


I have delivered, as a lead consultant within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Professional Services team, complete marketing solutions for several large enterprise businesses in Australia. In addition I have delivered countless bespoke solutions to address specific business needs for clients from the enterpise level down to medium-sized business customers. Again, at Amicus Digital, as one of the Solution Architects I've worked on a wide range of my client's marketing solutions across many verticals.

Specific clients and examples are available upon request.

Employment History

March 2016 - Current: Solution Architect at Amicus Digital
May 2013 - March 2016: Senior Technology Architect at Salesforce.com
May 2012 - April 2013: Technology Architect at Exacttarget.com
November 2011 - April 2012: Technical Specialist at Salesforce.com
Februray 2008 - November 2011: Senior Digital Developer at Global Red


For the past 4 years, I have been working on a Grand Strategy game set in a procedurally generated universe. Through this project I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in an insane number of fields, from keplernian and newtonian physics to compiler construction and graphics-engines. I have a self-imposed restriction to use as few existing libraries as possible which has forced me to learn every aspect of development along the way. The entire project is being developed in C++11 with only a few dependencies so far: OpenGL, FreeType, GLM and SDL. Source code is available upon request; never-updated blog here.

I've since given up on the above to a large degree, I found that my ability to architecture a massive code-base is lacking. So I've taken on some smaller scale projects, with the specific ideal of crafting beauty within the codebase. I have completed a multi-player networked pong clone. The crowning achievement being my own coded lag-compensation and prediction which allowed for a very robust, fast-paced game to be played with minimal network side-affects.

I have also managed a long-standing Dungeons and Dragons community online and successfully ran a number of campaigns; though it is now defunct. I've also recorded a terrible solo album (actually two, and jesus they are bad).

My personality is a little loud sometimes, I have a big voice when I feel it needs to be heard. I have a gift of thinking from a practical standpoint but have always maintained my ability to step back and think about how things should be. I feel this has served me well in my career.